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Ritual Massage

Relaxing holidays on a agritourism and country hotel with spa in Bibbiena, Arezzo, Tuscany

Ritual Massage

During your stay at the Relais Sant'Angelo, we will recommend experienced hands who will take care of your wellness by helping you choose the massage best suited to your needs, stimulate your curiosity and your desire to relax.

Ritual Massage

We selected for you: Californian Massage (50 minutes) It 'a very harmonious massage, which uses big movements and embracing that aim to "embrace and wrap" the person, to make her feel welcome and accepted. It 'a relaxing massage and ultimate stress. Holistic massage, lymphatic drainage (50 minutes) It is draining and relaxing, it consists of maneuvers, breathing and creative visualization in meditation. With gentle movements activates the lymphatic system purifying the body. Create tone and relaxation, relieves swelling. Holistic Elements (50 minutes) It 'a full body massage and invigorating, awakening a deep feeling of connection with all life and its divine nature, acts on the psychic, physical and energetic. The dexterity enhanced by essential oils, send a message to the physiological systems and subtle energy of the individual and help to restore balance to the individual energy and feel part of the cosmos. Abyangam Ayurvedic (50 minutes) From the ancient Indian tradition, dexterity wise move energy in depth, giving relief and relaxation in mind body and spirit, thereby inducing a state of balance and audible tone for the whole body, giving rise to what is called harmony rajasic.

Ritual Massage

Shiatsu (50 minutes) Ancient oriental art, made ??by the pressure with thumbs, palms and elbows, we're going to stimulate the energy pathways that activate the processes of human self-healing. Suitable for solving problems such as headaches, neck, back pain, shoulder, back, stress, sleep and many others. Hot Stone Hot Stone Treatment (50 minutes) Massage with hot volcanic stones, which have in them the healing power of Mother Earth. Stimulating effect, draining and detoxifying. Dissolves energy blockages due to connections with the primal forces of nature, this treatment has great power relaxant on muscles and lowers the level of mental stress. Candle Massage (50 minutes) The massage with candles is one of the latest for the relaxing massage. We will let yourself be pampered by the pleasant sensation of drops of lighter fluid and vegetable butter that melts it turns into a gentle oil massage from soothing and relaxing properties. A delicacy to the skin of the body, a relief for the mind. Treatment Hot Stone + Stone cold (frozen marbles) (80 minutes) In addition to treatment with hot stones, marble stones are applied ice, this procedure makes use of the Kneipp method, significantly improving the problems of the capillaries and reducing cellulite. At the system level induces tonicity and relaxation at the same time, great for sports, and to activate the purification physics.

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Agriturismo Podere Sant’Angelo
Strada Provinciale dei Guazzi
Loc. Sant’Angelo - Fraz. Soci
52010 Bibbiena (AR), Italy

Latitude: 43.731542
Longitude: 11.789811
Tel: +39.0575.561912
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Agriturismo Sant’Angelo
di Lombardi Stefano

Loc. Sant?Angelo - Fraz. Soci
52010 Bibbiena (AR), Italy
VAT IT01254740515
Cod. Fisc. LMBSFN63PO4A390
REA 114186
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